Ripped Abs, Flabby Life

You lift; you run; you do your squats. You’re looking good. And you know it. Others know it, too. You share photos of your ripped self all over Instagram. You’re feeling good about looking good. Let’s focus for a minute on what’s on your plate and in your heart. You may be rocking those yoga pants, but are you rocking life?

I’m not talking about diets. Diets are a distraction. With diets you count your points, count your calories, eliminate carbs, eat more meat, measure protein, and attend meetings or purchase specially packaged foods. No. I’m talking about eating your veggies, choosing fruits you could pick from a tree instead of pouring from a bag, and filling your plate with meals that make your heart sing.

Are you being kind to others? Are you giving and sharing and offering a nice word? Are you lifting others the way you lift those weights? Don’t be an asshole. That’s all I’m saying.

We get in the habit of thinking we’re working on health when, really, we’re working on one aspect of health. Sit for thirty minutes in front of a television and you’ll hear a good number of commercials for prescription medications. We’re a culture built around illness. There are a lot of sick people out there. Don’t be that guy.

You wouldn’t build a house with just windows. You wouldn’t say, “Damn, those are some nice looking windows” when they are fitted into a rotting wood frame. Instead, you would work on the frame. You would paint the trim and repair the wood and decorate the inside of the home so it’s not only nice looking on the outside but comfortable and welcoming on the inside as well.

Be like that welcoming home. Build your muscles; eat real food, grow your heart.

Love large, my friend!



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