The V-Word

I have the ability to empty a room with just one word. I’m cool like that. I’m a great speaker (and tooter of my personal horn), but when this word leaves my mouth, eyes divert, arms fold across the chest, heads turn, throats clear, and a few people get up to take a restroom break.

What’s that word? Vegan.

(Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?)

Everybody wants to get healthy, but nobody wants to listen to hard stuff. We get in our diet and activity comfort zones and refuse to listen to things like science and doctors and research. (Side note to tell you about that burrito I had yesterday, the one loaded with fries and vegan cheez. So, yeah, I’m talking to myself here as well.). Better health requires change. We have to get uncomfortable for a minute. I need to put the burrito down and choose the black bean and corn salsa salad instead. We need to move our bodies. We need to play and dance and sing and eat lots and lots of plants. We need to do this every day. 

Are you open? Are you ready to feel more energetic, more vibrant, alive? I can help with that.

I’ve gathered all my “going vegan” tips and tricks for you guys and put them in one spot, “Your 12-Step Guide to Going Vegan.” In this little guide, you receive concrete steps you can take to make your vegan transition easier as well as action items to reinforce what you’ve learned. It’s kind of like me holding your hand and walking you through the process. Only, I’m not really there. And I’m not really holding your hand.

You can do this. I believe in you.

Have a great rest of your day! And get a little uncomfortable today.





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