Let Your Little Light Shine

From day one, psychology has been about what is wrong with you. You’re broken. You’re a wreck. You are one big mess waiting to happen. But, that’s okay, because we can fix that. 

Let’s study sick people so we can help sick people not be sick. Let’s get so excited about negative emotion that we focus our entire profession on things like disorder, depression, anxiety, obsession, and fear.

And that’s a noble thing to do, but that’s only a beginning.

Eat,Give,Play is a different way of thinking. It’s a preventive way of thinking. And it goes beyond pills, planks, and protein shakes. It calls you to take control of your health through acknowledging that happiness exists and that it’s a skill that can be learned and increased through acts like kindness, love, and forgiveness. Eat,Give,Play calls you to take control of your health through incorporating more real food, specifically plants, into your diet. It calls you to take control of your health through adding more play and joy into your day. 

Turns out positive emotions are a thing. And working to increase them is just as important to wellness as working to manage negative emotion. 

How to get started? Spread more kindness. Buy a friend coffee, hold a door for a stranger, leave an encouraging note on someone’s Facebook wall. Kindness is a low cost, simple way to increase levels of happiness which, in turn, promotes improved immune function, lowered risk of chronic disease, and a longer life.  

Now, get out there and be a light, my friends. Be a freaking light. 



Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places

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