Compliments, Carrots, and Cartwheels!

Hello, and welcome! Are you wondering what kind of wellness site doesn't have a 30-day diet plan or mandatory gym routine? Where are the protein shakes and squats and curls? And what does being nice to others have to do with six-pack abs? Why does this chick not even care about six-pack abs? 

Eat, Give, Play is a unique approach to health and well-being that blends beautiful food, love and kindness, and a joy for life. Run through the park, challenge your kids to a hula-hoop marathon, or create your own bucket list full of random adventures. Learn the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet, drop your reliance on processed foods, and eat more veggies! Practice acts of kindness like it's your job. 

The research is clear. Those who are happier are not only emotionally healthier but are physically healthier as well, happiness is a skill that can be learned, and practicing acts of kindness on a regular basis contributes to increased happiness. (I know! It's like happiness math!). 

The research is also clear that a whole foods, plant-based diet contributes to improved immune function and lowered risk of chronic disease. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before we get into specifics, take a look around the site. Explore the connection between physical health and emotional health, try some of the suggested activities and exercises (not those kind of exercises!), and learn how to improve your overall well-being. 

Welcome! And thank you for joining me ~



I'll Take Broccoli, Alex, for a Thousand