Let's Talk About Love

Define love. What does it mean to you? I can wait here while you put down a few notes.

< checks social media notifications, puts on some water for tea, let’s the dog out >


If I’m guessing, you began with something about family and friends. Maybe you decided if love is a verb or a noun. I’m hoping you put down a bit about self-love. There are also probably two or three ways to show love on your list, such as perform an act of kindness, give a hug, or spend quality time with a child or spouse.

But what if this isn’t it?

What if love is something even beyond all of that?

What if love is seeing the other person (or animal) as your arm? Or your face or heart or hair?

Imagine that every creature you encounter - your partner, your co-worker, your dog, the cow in the field - is your body part. How you treat others, then, becomes how you treat yourself. What you think of others becomes what you think of yourself. Try it.

When you hit, hurt, eat, attack, you do this to yourself. When you lift, encourage, embrace, nurture, you do this also to yourself.

For one day, imagine every breathing creature you encounter as your arm.

Go be love, friends -



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