Dream a Little Dream

I’ve been researching what it takes to be a TED Talks speaker. You know, just throwing a little dream out to the universe.

Do you dream? You totally should.

Try this assignment - 

Create your own personal Ted Talk. Relax! Breathe. You don’t have to stand on a stage in front of a mass of people with microphone strapped to your head, PowerPoint clicker in hand, and witty banter at the ready (unless that’s your thing and then, by all means, go for it). No. You might just be sharing with a friend.

Ask yourself, “If I had eighteen minutes on a stage with a captive audience, what bit of knowledge would I impart?” Think on it. Make a list. Would you talk about your life journey, educate on a passion, what?

For this challenge, I encourage you to put your words together and create your presentation. Then do something with that. Maybe start a book, maybe create a social media post, maybe talk to a small group at a school. Spread that passion. Spread the excitement and the love.

Mostly, give us who you are, who you really are without all the social convention attached. Release that inner child. Find the passion, the fun and the play that lives inside you.

This is what we need from you. This is what YOU need from you. 

Peace, my friends. And have a great rest of your day.


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