Jump Yourself into Joy

After my divorce, my therapist suggested I purchase a mini-trampoline. “Jump yourself out of your sadness,” she said. “Sing, wave your arms, bust out a dance move or two.” I felt silly. But it worked.

I also got a pink, sparkly hula hoop with swishy gel inside.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

A friend recently experienced a fall. “Never walk around the house in socks,” she joked. I suggested she get the grippy kind that children wear, maybe in fun colors.

I’m going to a corn maze this afternoon. Alone. Is that weird? Do I care? This bucket list ain’t gonna do itself.

We get old and serious and curmudgeon-y. We work, work, work. We forget to play. We worry too much what others will think. We forget that someday we will die. (That’s not morbid. That’s just facts.).

Want to create change and add joy to your life?  Yeah, I thought so.

Pretend, today, that you are a child. For real. Do it! Look at the world around you with wonder. Feel with all your senses. Play. Nap. Sing. Color. Eat some cake.

Shake it up, friends! Be silly, stick your hands in muddy things, jump yourself into joy.








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