Shake it Up!

Remember those scavenger hunts you used to do in youth group? Your brain likes that kind of thing. It gets super excited when you task it with crazy stuff like recording someone singing a line of a Justin Bieber song or looking for a cloud in the shape of a heart.

Those old school scavenger hunts are just simplified bucket lists, a big part of the Eat,Give,Play plan. But what does a bucket list have to do with well-being? And isn’t it something you create yourself and complete at some point over the years instead of in 365 days?

Have a little fun, people! Challenge yourselves.

And let’s be real. If I made my own bucket list it would look like this: wash the windows, get the dog to the groomer, eat hot sauce without making a face.

We get a little complacent. We get comfortable. Comfortable is okay for a minute, but it doesn’t do much for us in the long run.  

Maybe you don’t want to try a bucket list. That’s okay! Do other things instead - take a different route home from the office, order sushi instead of falafel, try a new yoga video, brush your teeth after you shower instead of before. Shake it up! Live on the edge.

Doing new things, or old things in new ways, grows those brain connections and keeps you mentally healthy as you age. Not that any of us are aging. But, still.

Peace and love, my friends! Until next time -


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