Frequently Asked Questions


You may have questions I've not covered someplace else. I hope you find the answers here. 

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Are you a medical doctor? 

No. I have a masters degree in educational psychology with a specialization in lifespan development and additional doctoral study in the same field. I also have a certificate in the foundations of positive psychology. 

how long have you been vegan? 

I have been vegan about thirteen years and was vegetarian three years before that. 

Do you practice the steps in this plan? 

Yes! Not only do I follow a plant-based diet and regularly perform acts of kindness but, for the past six or seven years, I have incorporated bucket list items into my life. Gratitude, kindness, whole foods, and a sense of adventure are a regular part of my life. 

What if I only want to follow part of the plan? 

The steps in this plan are intended to work together as a holistic approach. If you follow only part of the plan, expect only part of the results. My suggestion to anyone who is hesitant about any recommendation in this program is to give it a try for thirty days. After that, tailor the steps to fit your needs.  

can you guarantee results? 

No. Because, as I mentioned above, I'm not a medical doctor. I’m not even a licensed psychologist. Also, this plan isn't about definitive results or guarantees. This plan is about improving your life and the lives of those around you. If you follow some of the steps on these pages, your life and the lives of those around you will begin to improve. Probably. But, like I said, no guarantee. 

Why vegan? 

I share bits of the research throughout this site but, in short, I promote a whole foods, plant-based diet because studies have consistently shown such diet to improve immune function, lower cholesterol, decrease risk of chronic disease such as heart disease, Type II diabetes, strokes, and certain cancers (among others), and to aid in weight management. 

what does happiness have to do with physical health?  

Research shows that happiness is a learned skill and that those who are happier have improved immune function, increased longevity, decreased risk of chronic disease, and reduced instances of stress and depression. The act of practicing kindness, what I promote on this site, is a researched intervention that aids in increasing levels of happiness. 

What does a bucket list have to do with any of this?

As adults, we forget to play. Sometimes all we need to introduce novelty and fun into life is a prompt or guide. Studies show that our brains get a kick out of novelty. Novelty lifts mood and decreases stress and depression. My bucket list project is a suggested plan to get you thinking in a playful direction. 

Do you do speaking engagements?

Heck yes, I do speaking engagements! I get a chuckle out of the fact that, as a young girl, I got marked down on report cards for talking in class. Now, as an adult, I get paid to talk in class. I’m up for getting paid to talk other places as well. Hire me!

Are you married?

Just checking to see if you're paying attention. But, no. No, I'm not. Contact me!