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Tammie Ortlieb, MS

One part academic, one part tutu and tights, I hold a BA in psychology from the University of Illinois and an MS in Educational Psychology, with a focus in lifespan development, from Capella University. I also have doctoral study in the same field. I'm a book nerd, a research nerd, and a glass of almond milk half full kind of gal. When I'm being all suit and tie, I say I am on this earth to spread peace, love, and compassion, to encourage individuals to love others and to love themselves. I say I am a girl on a mission and have much to do in this world. But when I loosen that tie and kick off those business heels, I have to confess I really just want to make people smile, look at pretty things, and read until my brain explodes. Former professor, mom of four, and managing editor of VegOut Los Angeles, I live to write and write to live.

Certificate in Foundations of Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania

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